Who Fell: You Or Me?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I justify a friend who fell and lost his correct intention?

Answer: So, the question sounds like this: How can I justify myself for thinking that my friend has seemingly lost the intention? One has to relate to it in two ways: Externally, I should help him with practical actions. Internally, I should justify him and think that if I were him, I would have fallen much deeper.

And even deeper within myself, I say that I see him fallen only because the Creator made me see it this way. And all this is done so that I rise above this thought and consider that he is totally corrected, and I am not corrected if I see him so fallen. As it is said: “Every person judges according to his own flaws.”

The key is to understand that it is like we are in a crystalline lattice; we are in the force field of the Creator Who manages all our states. And therefore, you need to consider a friend as the Creator’s representative who shows you some of His attitudes towards you. You have to view the entire group and even the world and yourself in this way.

You are given a site where you should always put things in order and bring it to the final corrected state. You must correct your sight to see the world at the end of correction (Gmar Tikkun). Through this, you will reach the end of your correction.

Indeed, nothing changes in spirituality; even now you are in an absolutely perfect state. Why do you see its exact opposite, this broken world and everybody uncorrected?

Yet, if you disseminate the method of correction in the world and desire to attain the corrected state together with everyone else as much as possible, you will be correcting yourself and transferring these parts which seem external to you into internal ones.

When you will pray, you will judge yourself and want to change. As a result, you will come to a state where everything will be connected, and the upper Light will be revealed in these connected parts. Then, externality and internality will become equal.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/17/2011, Writings of Rabash

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  1. Dear Rav
    Is it possible for one to strengthen one self and the group environment to stop falling into the trap of constantly judging and comparing others (seeing them as seperate from one self) or is this part of the Creators plans for us to realize the error in our egoism and take the opportunity to correct our selves?
    Thank you
    Regards Marek Zozworek from Australia

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