Correction By The Integral Force Of Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the news: “The world’s population is projected to surge past 9 billion before 2050 and then reach 10.1 billion by the end of the century if current fertility rates continue at expected levels.” (Source:

“Food production must double by 2050 to meet the demand of the world’s growing population and innovative strategies are needed to help combat hunger, which already affects more than 1 billion people in the world.” (Source:

“Humanity’s Ecological Footprint – the demand people place upon the natural world – has increased to the point where the Earth is unable to regenerate renewable resources at the rate we are using them.” (Source:

“Ecological overshoot means that humanity is living beyond the planet’s ability to sustain us. Today the focus is on carbon, but climate change is happening as we approach other critical limits as well, in fisheries, forests, cropland, and water.” (Source:

My comment: We have crossed the limit and are already falling into the abyss. Our methods cannot stop the fall. But if we begin to build between ourselves integral, honest connections, if we seek similarity with nature, we will draw upon ourselves the influence of the integral forces of nature and carry on our renewal.

The integral forces of nature are billion times greater than the forces acting on us, but they are concealed from us by the condition of equivalence: Our properties do not match them.

However, as we desire to integrate everyone into a single system, we will begin to attract the forces hidden in this system. They will correct us in accordance with them, include us into this system, and bring about changes in the entire world, at every level: still, vegetative, and animate.

It is necessary to realize that the forces of the integral world induce all the symptoms of multi-crisis in our world, and only they can correct it.

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