Global Upbringing In A Global World

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have to gradually bring our explanations to every person, in his language and on his level of understanding. The explanation has to come gradually, until people start being able to feel that precisely the connection between us gives us the sensation of a different life, as if we are on a different planet, in a different dimension.

It is impossible to talk about this right away. We always have to address separate individuals and groups of people on different levels of development, according to the desire that they are experiencing right now. Therefore, at first the explanation must be presented in a language that they understand: “You will feel good. There won’t be wars, terrorism, or drugs. Your children will be more successful, there will be fewer divorces,” and so on.

Different layers of the population have to be addressed in a form that’s suitable for them: some are more inclined to watching movies, others listening to music, others yet, reading books, and others can be approached through science, the economy, and anything else.

The environment has to be similar to a sphere that radiates many opportunities upon every person to understand what is “the global world” in which we exist. Just as the world is global, so the system of upbringing has to be global, meaning it must include all forms of influence, on every level, in all forms, and in every languagefrom the side of everything that surrounds a person.

This is the system of upbringing that we have to build. Without it humanity won’t advance. It will be affected by all kinds of problems and disasters, and it will be forced to build itself in this manner in any case. After all, by that it realizes its independence because by building an environment for itself in order to change and become corrected, it realizes its freedom of choice. And therefore, it builds itself on the Human level.

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