It’s Still All Ahead Of Us

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Мikhail Koroliuk, Executive Manager, IFC Solid, “In 2008, we entered a credit cycle contraction phase, and it will continue until 2015 at least. During this time, the world will be shaken by credit and bank crises, and the policy of “tightening the belt” will lead to weak economic growth. The European credit crisis will reach the heart of Europe, the USA will struggle with its colossal cumulative debt, and China’s debt problems will surface as well (the next major world crisis may start particularly there). So, it’s still all ahead of us….”

My comment: Somehow everybody believes that fate itself will solve our problems, without us making any effort! “We’ll get over it, even if we do nothing.” Thus we are heading toward a war. We are becoming increasingly opposite to nature that manifests to us as a unified system.

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