There Is No Way Out Of This Deadlock

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Мikhail Leontyev, analyst, essayist, the “Golden Pen of Russia” award winner, “The algorithm of the future financial collapse is evident. Europe will sink first since it isn’t prepared to handle such challenges, although European financial policy is more responsible than the American one. Yet, the European model is not designed to solve crises. It is meant to make people happy….

“It is impossible to effectively synchronize financial behavior of such diverse economies consolidated into one system. They can be synchronized solely by capital mobility, and what we see today is the result thereof…. We can drive Greece to bankruptcy and discover that France and Germany have collapsed because they financed Greece. It equally concerns Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Iceland, Belgium, and the others. And next, it will inevitably lead to the collapse of the United States. In any case, it’s clear that the process won’t stop in Europe. It isn’t a secret that Americans are simply printing money today. By doing so, they are essentially turning the world’s money into nothing for ultimately, all the world’s money is the American money. There is no other money in the world….

“Therefore, there is no way out of this deadlock. The only question is who will go first and who will be second. Although, it doesn’t really change anything. In order to exit the crisis, the expenses of the world’s main financial subjects must be brought to balance with their revenues. Macroeconomic equilibrium will be restored at any cost ….and that is exactly what we will be witnessing soon.”

My comment: But the analyst doesn’t go any further, into the cause and the goal of the economic crisis. The economy is a projection of our nature and our egoistic relationships. If we don’t change them, we will not be able to form a global, integral financial connection and synchronize the economies of all world countries. For that, we have to first synchronize ourselves, meaning we have to reach mutual understanding of our common goal.

In other words, only having unified in the Creator will we comprehend how to build an integral economy. Until then, our mind and qualities will be unable to create such a system.

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