The Garment That Pacifies Your Ego

Dr. Michael LaitmanEverything depends on the intention with which a person approaches the environment from the very beginning. Does he come to the environment (the teacher, the books, and the group) to profit egoistically and receive knowledge, status, satisfy his pride? Or does he want to receive from the environment the property of bestowal, the shape of the Creator who hides inside the society?

If a person approaches the environment, the society correctly, he finds the Creator’s properties there. This is called: “The Creator dwells among His people.” This is the main test of one’s attitude.

Naturally, when we just start our path, we come with ordinary egoistic desires accepted in this world. And even though we are ready to listen to the nice words about love of others and bestowal, we nevertheless count on gaining something for our egoism.

And only under the condition that a person is in the right environment for a considerable period of time and absorbs its external forms of bestowal, lowering himself or herself before the teacher, the books, and the group, he gradually receives from them a force for comprehending and sensing spirituality, the force of unification. This force helps him realize that unification is not achieved through external actions: screaming, jumping, or rejoicing, but requires constant, hidden inner work invisible to the eye.

This work is performed at what is called “night.” And then a person gradually begins to acquire the property of bestowal. The transition takes place when a person begins to see the environment, its inner potential as the force that can correct him. He understands that without this force, he will be lost. This gives raise to the “prayer of the many.”

When a person realizes that one has to pray for the society, he acquires the intention for the sake of bestowal, the “garment” of the Light of Hassadim (Mercy), the right garment for his desire to receive.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/27/11, Preparation for the WE! Convention

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