Pharaoh Himself Will Help Us Run Away From Him

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What prevents a person from reaching the prayer of society if he already sees that all his intentions are for his own sake?

Answer: The problem is that a person understands that his intentions are egoistic, but he is willing to tolerate that. That’s because he only sees how ugly these intentions are, but he doesn’t understand what kind of harm they cause him. This is the entire problem!

If I simply accept the fact that I am an egoist, then so what? But I have to feel how this is killing me. Only then will I be able to separate from my egoistic intentions. My own ego will separate me from the thing that causes me harm.

So at first, I separate from my egoistic thoughts by virtue of egoism itself. That means Pharaoh brings the sons of Israel closer to the Creator.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/27/11, Preparation to the WE! Convention

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  1. Wow again!

  2. It is a simple dilemma, who do we listen to? Emotions with all their taste and spectrum often overwhelm the truth, due to their mindless strength and desire. For a long long time we have avoided the truth, for it is neither sweet nor sour, and is of an entirely different form. Perpendicular to our normal evaluation. But, in truth it is the only thing that will bring lasting satisfaction to our emotions, who in such hunger strike out in every way possible just trying to be fed. Joy in truth, helps. Our kingdom, our body, is simultaneously our dominion and our master. The communication is emotions, feelings, non logic non words. These signals are relevant within, but sadly often they do not take into account what is truly happening. just look at the world with all its different approaches and perspectives and interpretations, and tell me that we are ruled by truth? Or heart? I know heart spawned the mind, but it always ruled it. The strong and dumb have controlled the intelligent for ages. It is time the mind, who knows the truth, and the way, and the light, to lead. For everyone else is chasing wind and shadows, and will lead us to ruin. Only reality is real, and is inherently based in truth. That is why science is so valuable, it values truth first.

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