Everything Depends On The Right Preparation!

Dr. Michael LaitmanA spiritual action depends entirely on the preparation. That is because the action itself is already predetermined in advance and has to take place. Nothing can change in the entire program from the beginning until the end of creation. All of these phases are already definitely determined.

Man can intervene in a certain part of this program, but only in order to change its speed. However, there is also a part where he can change the character of the program that unravels within him, meaning to determine how he will experience his development.

Through this part of the program he establishes his independence and has the opportunity to express himself. That is how he ascends as an independent individual who has power, who is integral, and who understands and attains the entire program of creation which was intended only for this purpose.

Therefore, the preparation for a forthcoming action changes its character from the beginning and until the very end. Everything depends on the preparation, which is why we attribute so much significance to it.

Now, in anticipation of the convention that will be held in New Jersey at a time that is so special for the whole world, it is extremely important for our preparation to be correct and later to bring good results from our unification at the convention.
Let powerful waves expand outward from this place near New York, the center of America, like a good tsunami wave that will wash the world with love and the force of bestowal. This will enable people to understand how they should start relating to one another in anticipation of the new world and the changes we will have to go through according to nature’s program.

This will help the world go through these changes gently, quickly, and in a good way, by preparing for them and realizing what is happening, instead of like animals that are being beaten and spurred forward by the whip of history and who don’t understand what to do.

Therefore, everything depends on our preparation for the convention so that by virtue of it we will prepare the world for the changes it will have to go through in any case. By preparing for them well, the world will be able to accept them correctly and to see that they are for the better.

During the next 10 days, in the last hours we have left before the convention, we have to perform great work. We have to see every moment as preparation for an extremely important event and discern how we want to go through these moments in order to obtain the expected result for ourselves and for the whole world.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/22/11, Preparation to the WE! Convention

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