Equality In A Global Family

Dr. Michael LaitmanAll souls are interconnected and distributed into different levels of nature: still (S), vegetative (V), animate (A), human (H), and spiritual (S). The souls that have corrected themselves are on the spiritual level. Those on the human level have a “point in the heart” and aspire to spirituality. All the rest do not.

Possibly, the rest of the souls do not require such advancement. If a point in the heart awakens in a person, he or she ascends upward, but these will be special, exceptional cases. In general, the souls do not undergo such cardinal changes.

It means that we should not demand of humanity to adopt the structure of the developed societies. This is why it’s hard for us to believe Baal HaSulam who writes that all people already became one family and humanity is ready to ascend spiritually. Nevertheless, this is so.

A tiny part of the brain the size of a square millimeter rules over the entire body. Similarly, a small part of humanity has to govern it, connecting it with the Creator. From this part, everyone will receive correction in a passive form which corresponds to their type of souls.

Nothing should be done about it. Don’t equalize everyone according to the democratic model. They will be equal when each will become corrected according to their egoistic potential, their Reshimo (informational gene). Then everybody will become a single “body”; however, 90% of this “body” will be “flesh,” “bones,” “muscles,” “tendons,” and so on.

How many important organs does an organism have? How much is allotted to the brain? What portion of the brain represents a person per se? It’s a tiny part, a “microprocessor,” not more.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/21/2011 on The Principles of Global Education

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