We Can See Paradise Instead Of Hell

clip_image001We have to reveal the Creator’s desire precisely while we are in darkness. We have to realize that, for Him, it is the most desirable and dignified state since there is no time in spirituality nor do any changes in states occur.

It is the person, himself, who changes his attitude and as a result, sees Paradise instead of Hell. He can see a rise instead of a downfall and Light instead of darkness. A person’s attitude is the only thing that is subject to change.

There are no changes in the state that the Creator prepared for us; it is permanent. We simply have to agree with it more and become more ready for it until we are able to accept it with love and gratitude, to see it as the most desirable state. Then we won’t want any other states. As a result, our consent, love, understanding, and devotion to the Creator’s plan widen and grow.

The Creator wants us to discover that everything depends only on our attitude toward the unchangeable condition in which we are already present. In this reality, nothing changes except our attitude.

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