The Words Of The Zohar Can Purify The Soul

Studying Kabbalah, I know that you yourself would not want to study, except from one greater than you. And you will not find it except in studying The Book of Zohar. However, prior to each study, resolve within yourself to not make it a habit, but only for the Creator. And not all times are the same: at times you will be able to study for the Creator fervently, if you are rewarded with praying with a pure thought; and sometimes with a small thought, but all with a thought to benefit the Creator.
–The Rav Meshulam Feibush,
Yosehr Divrey Emet (Sincerity, Words of Truth),
p 25

If one merits it, he will study The Book of Zohar at dawn, because by its power Israel will come out of exile as out of darkness.
Ohr Tzadikim veDerech Seuda, Volume 1, Chapter 15

Study in a book of Kabbalah, and even if you do not understand them, say the words of The Zohar, for they can purify the soul.
–The Rav Yaakov Kapil Prayer Book,
Section “The Intention in the Study”

It is true that we accept that even for one who knows nothing, the words of The Zohar can still cleanse the soul.
–Rav Tzvi Elimelech Shapira (MAHARTZA),
The MAHARTZA Additions,
Item 9

Each and every letter in The Book of Zohar and the writings of our great teacher, by Rav Chaim Vital…are great corrections for the soul, to correct all the incarnations.
–Rav Yitzhak Yehudah Yehiel of Komarno,
Notzer Hesed (Keeping Mercy),
Chapter 4, Teaching 20

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