Rising To Infinity

Memories of Past Lives Are Just Fantasies of This Life We all came from the World of Infinity, which is a single desire in which we’re all connected together as cells of a common body. The connection that existed before our descent into this world was maintained by the force of the Creator; He “suppressed” us with His Light and united us forcefully.

Then He left us, “restricted Himself,” and the Light disappeared. The desire began descending lower and lower as it moved further away from the Light, until it broke completely into small fragments. As a result, every fragment felt separated from the others and absolutely unconnected to them.

But then, we went through an even deeper downfall, and now we are beginning to reveal that we are connected to others; however, our connection is negative, making us want to use or even kill each other. Our connection is negative and opposite to what it ought to be.

We have to arrive at this realization in order to then start ascending toward a connection among us, to the same Malchut of the World of Infinity. However, this time we will rise to it on our own, by preparing ourselves with the help of the study and various actions, and by desiring to advance toward the corrected state.

The entire correction amounts to us uniting together. That’s why it’s written, “’Love your neighbor as yourself’ is the main rule of the Torah.” As the desire becomes corrected, it is filled with Light. According to the law of the equivalence of form, the more the desire opens itself up to bestowal, the more the Light will fill it. From the side of the Light there are no restrictions; all the restrictions are always done from the side of the desire.

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