Lesson Program For The First Day Of The Zohar Convention 2010

First Lesson: Intention Reveals the Upper World (10:00am)

  1. Intention is the main thing. The lesson will be based on central concepts from the “Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot,” including:
    a. Revelation of the spiritual world within 3-5 years, as an act of the right intention.
    b. Focusing the intention before the study.
    c. The desire is unchanging. Change is only in intentions.
    d. To the extent that we will have correct intentions, a greater desire will be revealed to us, and with its help we will be able to advance more.
  2. Selected quotes from The Zohar on the topic of intention during the study and the importance of intention.
  3. Questions from the audience.
  4. Importance of the intention during various events at the convention – meals, Yeshivot Haverim (Friends’ Gatherings), cultural evenings, and activities during recesses – in order to derive maximum spiritual benefit from them.

Second Lesson: Unity is the Kli for the Revelation of the Creator (16:00pm)

  1. The wisdom of Kabbalah as a means for the revelation of the Creator.
    a. The revelation of the Creator in the mutual Kli, which is unity.
    b. Selected quotes from the writings of Rabash and other Kabbalists on the correction of the Kli being through the unity among us.
    c. Destruction of the Holy Temple – from brotherly love to hate among brothers.
    d. The condition for the reception of the Light of Torah, Light of correction – based on the articles “The Giving of the Torah (Matan Torah)” and “The Mutual Guarantee (Arvut).”
  2. Selected quotes from The Zohar on the topic of unity as the means for the revelation of the Creator.
  3. Questions from the audience.

Third Lesson: Freedom – Only by Uniting with Others (21:00pm)

  1. “Evil inclination” means everything that acts against unity. Everything else is not called “evil inclination.”
    a. Only in the effort to unite reveals the opposition to unite.
    b. Unity with others is the person’s one and only free act. All of a person’s other actions are operated by natural urges.
  2. Selected quotes from The Zohar on the topic of the choice in being Adam (a man) – from the unity among us to unity with the Creator.

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