It’s A Person’s Own Decision To Be Connected To Kabbalah

decision A question I received: Thousands of people will come together at the upcoming Zohar Convention 2010 How can we receive them so as to retain a connection with them after the Convention?

My Answer: We are not a cult. We don’t drag people into religion and we don’t chase after their souls. Our doors are always open whether a person is coming in or going out. Whoever comes in doesn’t owe us anything. If he wants to, he is welcome to come in, sit down, and study together with us. If he doesn’t want to, he doesn’t even need to say goodbye. If he goes out the door, nobody will ask whether he’s left for a minute or for good. Therefore, we’re not looking to attach anybody to us during the Convention or afterwards.

We want to continue our broadcasts on television and on the Internet, and to continue hosting conventions and gatherings such as this one, but we’re not luring anybody to us. Nobody owes us anything. A person can come, participate, and leave. He’ll decide to what extent he wants to be connected to the science of Kabbalah. It’s not even about us; it’s that all people must be connected together. First, all of Israel must unite as brothers, and then the whole world. That is our hope.

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