The Soul Is Developed Only Through Our Own Efforts

Spiritual Food Is the Light That Fills One's Soul All of our actions in this world are carried out because they are dictated from Above, except those in which we are free. Our freedom of will consists only of growing higher and correcting the soul in similarity to the Creator. Everything else in and around us is dictated from Above by the laws of the Upper World.

If our will doesn’t exist in anything corporeal and everything is controlled from Above, then there is no punishment and no reward for any actions in life! After all, none of it was done by us; it was done through us from Above.

Therefore, it is written that we are all like animals until we become similar to the Creator. To the extent that we are similar to Him, we are called Adam, “similar” (Dommeh in Hebrew). Similarity to the Creator begins from a point of desire, an aspiration to Him, which is called “the point in the heart.” If this point has been revealed, a person will undoubtedly come to Kabbalah since this point will lead him to it.

The point in the heart is like a drop of semen from which we have developed. However, the only way we can develop the spiritual body, the soul, is through our own effort. This is the only action we can perform using our freedom of will (see Baal HaSulam’s article, “The Freedom”).

Push the whole world onto the back burner and begin to develop the point in the heart, thus elevating yourself into the Upper System. Be willing to reject everything just to stay there. This is the only choice and action that can be made. The reward is the life of the soul!

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