It’s Time To Remove The Blindfold From The Eyes Of Humanity

man A question I received: Why do people associate the commandments with correcting the body?

My Answer: Certainly, correction is now about correcting our arms and legs. We are talking about “the body of the soul,” the desire, or parts of the soul, meaning individual desires. The difference between the desires of the soul and the corporeal desires is that desires of the soul are formed of qualities similar to the Creator – using yourself in order to bestow instead of receiving for yourself.

The physical body has nothing to do with this. We can perform transplants, remove body parts or organs, and perform blood transfusions. Hospitals don’t check donors for “righteousness” and it’s possible that those receiving body parts or blood receive them from an unrighteous person. It is due to all the confusion in regards to the spiritual body and our physical body that all the mysticism, gruesome tales, and religious horror stories have developed.

Commandments describe a correction of the desires, not any correction of the animate body. The bodies in which we exist are only necessary for us to maintain a physical existence, but when among the desires of our world, an embryo of the soul emerges, we need to be able to develop that tiny desire to the level of the Creator.

Therefore, traditions and religions have nothing to do with correcting the soul. Let people all over the world hold on to their traditions; at the same time, they can correct their desires in order to love their neighbors as themselves. Meanwhile, the flesh will not change.

There is nothing spiritual in mechanical actions. It is very good if they calm you down and create a comfortable living format. Just don’t lie to yourself, believing that you correct your soul through these actions and earn your way into the “world to come.” The world to come is the revelation of the Creator. If you do not prepare your soul for this, then you have nowhere in which to reveal Him, before or after the animate body perishes.

It’s time to remove the blindfold from the eyes of humanity and for everyone to realize that in our whole worldly life, there is only one spiritual point called “the point in the heart.” This is the entrance into the spiritual world.

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