Catching A Glimpse Of The Spiritual World

upper world Even a beginner who still doesn’t know or understand anything has the possibility to receive a small sensation of the spiritual world. It all depends on a person’s efforts and desire to rise above the ego and above this world in order to relate to the upper degree, the upper dimension. One can achieve that even without any preparation. Such things do happen.

If a person focuses all of his efforts and really wants to transcend, and if for just an instant he truly wants to devote himself to spirituality forever, he will sense it. He will begin to feel the spiritual world through this world and equalize with it, even if only in one of its qualities, one of its parameters.

He wishes to detach himself from the state in which he exists and to use the corporeal only as necessary, so that all his heart and mind will be in the upper dimension. If a person makes such a spiritual effort, he will sense spirituality for a short while, be it a few days, hours, or moments. After that he will descend and return to this world.

These tastes of spirituality don’t contribute much; a person forgets about them and soon his doubts return. He questions whether spirituality is a worthwhile goal or not. The instant it reveals itself to him however, he is certainly ready to forsake everything for its sake. Then a greater egoistic desire comes to him and wipes out his impressions of spirituality. Thus, he forgets everything and submerges again into the flow of this life as if nothing ever happened.

But if he were ready to irrevocably and eternally devote himself to spirituality, the Light would come to him, since he has shown the desire to attach himself to It forever and thus achieved equality with Its eternal quality. For this reason, the Light reveals Itself to him.

(From the lesson on Shamati #58 ““Joy is a “Reflection”of Good Deeds”)

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  1. Dear Rav,

    How do we know in our sensations that we have already sense the Upper World – as you say even for a moment, a few hours, a day or a few days?

    Doesn’t the body remember? You say that it fades away with our earthy, corporeal concerns of life. How can this be? I have a hard time understanding this. If you have already had a little, little taste of the Upper World, how can you forget it? That is basically my question.

    Many thanks

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