The Body Is The Correction Of Desires

lifeQuestions I received about the fate of the physical body:

Question: In what body will we exist in eternity? Will it be the one from our last incarnation or a body from a previous incarnation? Or can it be a totally different body?

My Answer: “Body” in Kabbalah means the correction of desires, and our physical body is not a subject of discussion at all. It only appears to exist to us.

Question: What does Kabbalah say about cremation of the body instead of burial in the ground? I happened to see on one “Kabbalah” site that it is prohibited, and that one would only rise half a person with great penalties.

My Answer: At the level of our world, burial is the norm. At the same time, Kabbalah does not consider our bodies to be sacred, as religions do. Kabbalah just does not take them into account.

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