The Creator’s Concealment Helps Us Build The Correct Desire For Him

The Creator created concealment, which distances, separates, pushes away, and confuses us. Instead of revealing Himself immediately and openly, He hides in order to evoke aspiration, passion, and a desire to reach Him!

This is the whole purpose of concealment and the reason for creating impure forces (Klipot), which sustain us until we reach the right desire for the Creator. They hold us back like dogs pulling at the leash in order to leap out at someone.

The Creator hides Himself until we acquire the correct, completely bestowing desire, which can no longer be extinguished by an encounter with Him. By revealing the Creator within this corrected desire, it does not fade like the desires of our world, where having received what we desired, we immediately stop valuing it. On the contrary, we need to value and love this pleasure more and more, since it holds the attitude of the Giver toward us.

Therefore, we have to see all these concealments and repulsions created by the Creator as a flirt, a game that brings us to the right desire, which is not just a desire of enormous strength, but a desire of the right form. This is in order that we will seek pleasure from an encounter with the Giver rather than from an encounter with fulfillment.

This is similar to a woman that demands an inner connection from an external action performed by a man. We have to learn about spirituality from the psychology of our life. We need to understand the essence of the concealment, the flirt and this whole game through which the Creator brings us closer or pushes us away.

We will not be able to achieve revelation until we begin to value Him, and with His help, build the correct attitude for an encounter with Him. We will then have the ability to interpret a connection with Him as a means of pleasure! He waits for us to want Him more than the pleasure that He brings. Then we will be ready to accept this pleasure and reveal the Creator within it.

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