Use Each Instant Of Your Life To Move Ahead

When It Comes to the Global Crisis, We Cannot Afford to Procrastinate The primary factor affecting the speed of one’s spiritual advancement is habit. If a person demanded a reward for every action he performed, he would quickly achieve revelation of the Upper World.

I got up at night and came to the lesson, so where is my reward?

I asked You a question, so where is Your answer? (When addressing the Creator.)

I turned to the group and lowered myself in order to be filled with the greatness of the goal, so where is it?

If I constantly demanded things in this manner from myself, the friends, and the Creator, then I would be using every instant of my life (good as well as bad) effectively and would move ahead quickly.

A person needs to be constant searching and cognizing, like a little child. The scariest thing in the world would be to become old while you are still a child, because then you could no longer study or be impressed. You would have no life spirit and thus you would become just a tired old man.

But an old man should be like a child!

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