Why Do Kabbalists Make Their Articles So Long-Winded?

longwindedA regular person sees himself and this world, comprised of inanimate matter, vegetation, animals, and people. However, Kabbalists see a transparent reality. Through our world, they see the Upper World and the entire thickness of the desire, where the Thought of Creation becomes realized. They then describe what is happening there to us, revealing a certain part of it.

This is why we find it so difficult to grasp their language and the examples they use, which seem so removed from our lives, and to figure out what their hints are saying. We’d prefer to hear a clear, brief explanation.

However, the reason they write this way is because what we need isn’t clear instructions, but the Light of Correction that is concealed in their books. Therefore, we should just accept what they write with complete trust, and believe that this is precisely the best way for us to receive the Light of Correction. It’s true that if they wanted to, they could have summed up the meaning of the whole article in one sentence or a paragraph. But then it would lack the force of correction.

Therefore, while reading these articles, which are full of complicated quotes and long-winded discourse (as it seems to us), we should focus only on how the Light of Correction is affecting us at that moment.

It doesn’t matter whether I understand what I am reading or not, or whether I feel it or not. No matter what, I am anticipating the Light! The most important thing is for the “medicine” to work.
(From Part 1 of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson, on Rabash’s article, “A person is like a tree in a field”)

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