When Can We Count Our Spiritual Pennies (Efforts)?

pennyThrough the study of Kabbalah, we enter the second, concealed part of reality, which is 99.9% of what exists, because our world compared to the Upper World is like a tiny grain of sand in relation to the whole universe. We want to penetrate into this concealed dimension, which is operated by completely new forces, qualities, and laws, unknown to us today. We can be “born” into this new world, or in other words, we can give birth to the sensation of this world inside us.

But how can we reason about it today, before ever being born there? After all, your birth in the spiritual world means that new qualities will surface in you. Their emergence will be caused by the Light, which causes new qualities to develop.

For now, all of this is concealed from us. We can’t see which qualities and senses will enable us to reveal the stages of our spiritual advancement. All we can see is the efforts we are investing, which just keep disappearing somewhere, like pouring water into a broken bucket. At the end of the day, it’s as though we didn’t do anything!

This is why it is written in one Kabbalistic text: “Great wealth is built one penny at a time.” But where are these “pennies” being collected? Show them to me! Well, the reason we can’t see them is that the collection of our efforts will only be revealed to us once we enter the next dimension.

And even though we disagree with this arrangement, we demand revelation. Thus, even though we are in concealment, we still advance, and eventually we develop and start demanding the right things from ourselves. After all, we have been provided with all the means needed to attain the Upper, Eternal World: the Light, the correct environment, the books, and a teacher. Now we just have to place ourselves beneath the influence of these means, so they’ll influence us in the best possible way.

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