We Can Come Out Of The Crisis Without The Influence Of Suffering

influenceToday the whole world is unwillingly starting to become part of one integral system, and people see that they are increasingly being governed by some sort of forces, yet they aren’t able to resist them. People are experiencing a crisis in all areas and are discovering that there is something concealed from them, yet they are unable to do anything.

We, humans, cannot control anything; we are subjugated to blind fate and we are unable to handle it. All this is making us reveal that the system of connections between us is flawed, and at the same time, that the forces governing us are concealed. We are discovering this out of our own inability to do anything ourselves.

But there’s an even greater crisis of government institutions still awaiting us. That’s because these institutions feel obliged to prove to us that they are supposedly in control of things and have power over something. People are yet to reveal that “the hearts of the kings and ministers are in the hands of the Creator,” and that none of the governments are actually able to do anything. This fact will become revealed to everyone.

If that weren’t enough, we are yet to face another powerful blow from nature, which will come in order to make us see that we are small and insignificant compared to its phenomena.

All of this will bring us to the realization that we really are part of one integral system and are unable to do anything. And then, out of this realization, we will reveal that even our thoughts and desires are not our own, but come to us from nature. Nature controls us from within and from without in every regard. We will then feel that we are bound in chains, and will start looking for a salvation.

This may happen under the influence of suffering, or through the wisdom of Kabbalah, which enables us to forestall the suffering. Either way, we will have to reveal the system of forces in which we exist, as well as what it is doing to us and what its purpose is.

So let’s already start by imagining that we are the experiment of the Upper Force, which is now revealing Its plan to us. Humanity will have to reveal this fact, either out of despair, because it is influenced by painful blows, or as a result of disseminating the wisdom of Kabbalah. Clearly, the latter is a much better path.

The revelation of the entire system of relationships, the entire matrix of connections between us and the Upper, Governing Force of Nature – the Creator, is what constitutes the wisdom of Kabbalah. The entire wisdom of Kabbalah talks only about this.

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