The World’s Marathon Has Gone On For Too Long

insideIn the coming years, the world will slide down to such a sorry state that people will want to understand how they can live differently. This won’t even happen because of the difficult material circumstances, but due to a burdensome feeling deep down in people’s hearts.

But in the meantime, the world is ruled by money, and nothing but money. Yet, this will soon be over and people will feel that it doesn’t fulfill them any longer. They will simply feel bad despite all the comforts and pleasures in their lives.

People already feel bad now, but they are still able to “play around,” to close their eyes to what is truly important, and to chase temporary goals, which they envision in the form of different pleasures such as money, power and fame. Otherwise, what else would people have to do in this life? We look at one another and mindlessly do the same thing as everyone else. If I am similar to those around me, then I feel good. This is why a person chooses a goal that is generally accepted by the society, and chases it, trying to hide from the sensation of emptiness.

The body’s force of self-preservation forces it to search for a goal that will keep him endlessly busy, so he will “know what he lives for.” That way a person’s mind stays occupied with something. Otherwise he will be left without a “safety blanket” in life, like a child who is lost.

And if that were to happen, a person would be scared and intimidated by the eternal questions: why do I exist and what is happening with my life? However, sooner or later, a person will receive an additional desire and he won’t be able to keep fanatically thinking about corporeal things from dawn ‘till dusk. He will suddenly understand that this “marathon” was set up for him on purpose in order to distract him from the most important thing in life.

For a time, he was able to keep his eyes closed and run along together with everyone else, but he just doesn’t have the energy to keep this up anymore. Everyone continues to run the marathon, but he has stepped off the track: it doesn’t attract him any longer, he just doesn’t feel that there’s any meaning to it. His desire has become so deep that it can no longer be filled by the earthly goals:

a) bodily pleasures: food, sex, shelter and family
b) social pleasures: wealth, power, fame and knowledge

And thus, a person begins to look for a higher goal.

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