The Spiritual World Is Real, Not A Fantasy

Man, Woman and Divinity Between ThemA question I received from my student: Is it good or bad to use one’s fantasy in the inner work?

My Answer: If you are studying only Baal HaSulam’s books and are trying to leave behind all your previous prejudices and stereotypes, then you will gradually be “cured” of all your fantasies. Our task in Kabbalah is to start feeling a new reality, which is not a fantasy! You should come to feel an additional  world that is similar to how you now feel this world, but you shouldn’t make it up!

Right now, you don’t feel the spiritual world. Even though people tell you about it, you don’t discern it. Nevertheless, you wait to feel it and you aspire toward it by performing different actions and exercises in order to feel it. In virtue of the efforts you make and your practice, you will eventually begin to sense spirituality, even though initially you didn’t have any abilities to do so.

The same thing always happens with everything we do in this world, as well. If we seriously engage in something, then we begin to feel and understand it. Where does this sensation and understanding come from? It comes from the general system that we are all part of, where each of us is connected with everyone. We simply forget that we are inside this system. For example, if I don’t feel or understand anything about plants, but begin to study gardening and start taking care of flowers, then I will gradually begin to feel them, receive impressions from them, and will establish a connection with them.

Where does this connection come from? From our connection with all parts of reality, which already exists. Now, when we perform various exercises, we merely awaken the connection that is already there, but we are not creating anything new. We only discern this system in virtue of our efforts and desires.

The same thing also happens with the spiritual world! We are already in the World of Infinity, but we reveal this system in virtue of the efforts we make, by studying the Upper World and trying to reveal it together with others. We reveal something that is already there! So there is nothing in the world to which we can point and ask, “Where did this come from? Is it a fantasy?” Nothing is a fantasy! All we have to do is practice in order to awaken our sensitivity to something that already exists.

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