The Desire For The Goal Must Be Whole

Laitman_2009-02-03_6Desire must be whole. Take for instance a politician whose goal is to become a prime minister. His whole life is focused on this. Having set this goal for himself, he is prepared to discard all his principles and drag himself through the mud in order to achieve his goal.

Everything besides the goal is secondary to him. The possibility of becoming a prime minister captures the whole spectrum of his interests, and reduces them all to whatever can help him achieve the goal. That is what we call a “whole” desire.

A person who aspires to draw the Light that returns him to the Source examines all the qualities of his own nature and of the world, along with all the obstacles on his path, as a means of achieving the goal.

This examination and whole desire guards me from going off track under the weight of my egoism. If  somebody gossips about me,  tries to scare me away or detains me, or if  I am confronted with health problems, family responsibilities and stress, then I accept all of this with gratitude, as assistance to me in breaking the new ground of spiritual growth.

If I am correctly and fully aimed at the goal, I suddenly discover that all the obstacles are helping me on my path. All disturbances become “help against myself” – against my egoism.

There is nothing in the world that couldn’t serve as a means to achieve the goal. After all, the Creator has created everything for man and for his mission. It’s only a matter of how we utilize the “arsenal” available to us.

If I truly aspire to the goal, everything pushes me towards it. If however, I let myself be distracted by “attendant circumstances,” if I address the disturbances themselves, instead of utilizing them as means to attain the goal, instead of being a help to me, they will simply remain disturbances.

Only my distinct aspiration toward the goal will transform obstacles into distinct points of support along my path. Something that I perceive to be such a strong “headwind” I suddenly discover is acting as life support for me time and again, lending a hand and guiding me forward. By this “apparent opposition” the Creator actually helps me to advance.

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