The Cause Of Our Confusion

wordsThere is a rule: a powerful Light enters a thin desire. The Lights and desires follow a reverse order, so when the smallest desire is missing, the strongest Light is also missing.

This creates a great deal of confusion in our world. We don’t understand why we do something in one place and it comes back to us somewhere else. It seems to us that there is no connection between the two occurrences. We ruin something in one place, but the blow comes to us from somewhere else, and we don’t see the connection between the two.

This is why we do not understand the cause of our suffering. We do not see the inner connection, the net that exists inside all of us and connects everything into one system. This is why we go through life as if we’re wandering around a dark labyrinth, not understanding what is actually happening.

The reason for all of this confusion is the reverse order of Lights and Kelim: when I haven’t corrected a deeply flawed Kli, I lack a very thin Light in a completely different place.

The only solution is to see the world as integral and connected as one. This is the opportunity we receive when we reveal the world through the wisdom of Kabbalah. Only the ability to see things clearly will give us the chance to correct ourselves and the world, and to fix all our problems.
(From Part 2 of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson, on “Preface to the Sulam Commentary”)

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  1. Dr. Laitman,
    My second question is what will happen if one person is not realize his point in heart..In his reincernation he will be born with lower level or higher level?

    If the a group of people will be able to upgrade with the study of kabbalah (become kabbalist), how they will correct all the whole humanity as the other human are still egoistic?

    What is the end result?


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