Our Children Are Living In Wonderful Times

newJudging by the young people who come to Kabbalah today, I don’t think they will have to go through the same long and difficult path as the Kabbalists of the past. Those starting their spiritual correction today will have an easier path. They are ready for it, and we have prepared the world for them!

They are like an infant: what can infants do? Not much. But the parents provide them with everything they need, such as toys and food. But what did a child born in the wild jungle have? He grew up in very difficult conditions. Today, a ten or fifteen year old child knows how to use cell phones and computers even better than the grown ups. The kids simply know their way around this world.

However, I, the adult, who created all these tools for them, am not as proficient in using them as the children. This is because they were born into this, despite the fact that they did not create any of it! So, how is it that they know all this so well? Shouldn’t I know it better, since I created it? No! And the reason for this is that the children are already prepared on the inside, in virtue of the connection between all the souls. This is why they subconsciously understand and feel everything. Everything is very simple and clear to them, and this is why we have nothing to teach them.

That is why the young generation will not need a lengthy period of preparation to enter the spiritual world.

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