Only A True Researcher Can Objectively Study Reality

The Goal of Creation Is Perfect FulfillmentA question I received: How is it possible that there seems to be an objective reality in this world with external objects and which we can measure?

My Answer: We are used to a life that forms an image of reality based on an inanimate desire to receive pleasure. Similarly, we think that the spiritual world exists on its own and does not depend on changes within us.

This is how we perceive our lives until we begin to sense the relativity of our perception and come to understand that this perception depends on our qualities. Gradually, humanity is moving toward the realization that everything that we see in this world depends on the qualities of the observer.

Quantum physicists speak of the fact that experimental outcomes are equally dependent on the observer. However, we do not have the means by which to measure the influence of thought over matter.

Over time, everything becomes absolutely elusive until we come to the understanding that all things are relative to a person’s qualities. It is not dependent on whether or not one observes or thinks, but rather on the qualities of the person who is doing the thinking and the observing.

At such a point, we transition to being a true researcher from the realm of regular science which is not dependent on the qualities of the scientist. A true researcher is someone who concerns himself with his own qualities first and foremost, and only then proceeds to study matter. That is a Kabbalist!

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