All The Upper Worlds Are Inside Us

changing-the-world-starts-with-changing-our-intentions1We cannot advance without the help of egoistic desires, Klipot. We are born with an egoistic desire, and this desire constitutes the whole of creation. But when we enter the spiritual world, then instead of our own tiny, primitive desire to receive, we discover an entire system of desires. The difference between Klipa (egoism) and holiness (bestowal) is only in how a person uses these desires: for his own sake or for the sake of bestowal. As he ascends the degrees of the spiritual worlds, he himself determines whether his desires are Klipa or sanctity.

We tend to have a mistaken conception that there are two worlds surrounding us, which are alien in relation to us, and we are “walking” between them. There is no such thing. Rather, everything always happens inside us, inside our desires. There is nothing besides this.

As we advance, we constantly reveal new desires within, and depending on how we relate to our environment, we determine whether our desires will be for the sake of reception or bestowal. We thereby build the spiritual worlds or stages.

This is different from what we imagine today – that the Upper Worlds already exist and we simply enter them as if they were an enchanted forest, with the evil spirit (Klipa) living to one side, and sanctity (goodness, bestowal) living on the other. Rather, everything exists only inside the person: all the worlds, the Creator, and the person himself.
(From Part 3 of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson)

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