Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 9/9/9

Preparation and Part 1
The spiritual dimension has no relation to the body. It lies deep inside my desires.


Part 2, on Item 5 of “Preface to the Sulam Commentary”
I am the whole world. When I change myself, I change the world. Eventually, every person will come to a state where the only thing in existence is him.


Part 3, on Item 149 of “Introduction to Talmud Eser Sefirot”
By changing myself, I change the forces that influence the world. It is precisely by doing this that I bring goodness into the world.


Encountering A Wisdom That Reveals A New Life

purposeA question I received: What can I tell a person who is doubtful about attending an introductory lecture on Kabbalah? What can he receive from a one-time encounter with Kabbalah? What can coming into contact with this wisdom even once do for a person?

My Answer: It is quite possible that thanks to that one encounter, a person will be giving the greatest gift to himself by revealing his path in life. We keep track of our lives from the beginning, our birth, but if we understood the process, we would count back from the end of life to see how much time we have remaining.

A person who encounters Kabbalah brings Light into his life, with Light being the only positive force that exists in reality. A person then begins to see everything that happens as development through cause and effect, and he begins to see all of his problems correctly – as directing him to the goal. Kabbalah gives him power and reason to control his fate. It gives a person the Upper Light and teaches him how to control it (within the permitted limits and circumstances). All of this begins with one first encounter.

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Our Desire For Spirituality Is Like The Oil Needed To Light A Fire

Get Through the Night, and Welcome the DawnRevelation is an upshot of concealment, just as fire is born from the wick of a candle. A person experiences a great deal of concealment on his or her path. And this concealment is necessary, as an oil in which a wick is immersed, the very oil that feeds the wick and allows the lamp to light up. But the light and the wick don’t have fuel to burn, only the oil (desire) does.

The oil, however, can’t burn on its own – it needs the “means of revelation.” Darkness, evil and the burdening of the heart that a person feels on his spiritual path, all remain. But not a moment is wasted: all of our efforts throughout the period of the Upper World’s concealment accumulate and create a body, like the oil in a lamp or the wax of a candle. When enough oil, or enough desires for the revelation of the Creator are gathered, then the wick appears together with a spark of fire.

The greater the concealment, the tenser a person becomes when awaiting to reach revelation, and the hotter the flame of revelation that will arise. After all, from Above we receive only the spark with which to light the wick. But the burning of the wick does not come from Above; it’s the Reflected Light (Ohr Hozer) that rises from the burning oil.

The Creator just supplies one spark that Lights a person, provided that this person is ready for the Creator’s revelation. Then a person is lit like a candle, and the flame nurtures the oil of disappointments and searches – the states that he went through while in concealment.

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