Why Do The Traditionalists Speak Against Me?

meNews Report (translated from Evrazia.info): On November 11, in the Marina Roscha Synagogue in Moscow, the chief rabbi of Russia, Berl Lazar, met with the director of the Ramchal Institute, Mordechai Shriki, one of the world’s leading Kabbalah scholars, and Pavel Zarifullin, the head of the administration of the International “Eurasian Movement.” The discussion was on issues of reviving traditionalism in Russia.

Rabbi Berl Lazar expressed a deep concern about the sectarian and charlatan activities among the Russian Jews, such as the pseudo-Kabbalistic false doctrines of Berg and Laitman. He spoke about the danger of sectarianism and the need to strengthen the orthodox traditionalism.

My Comment: I perfectly understand Mr. Berl Lazar: his patrons have lost billions, and therefore he also lost his share. People are getting smarter and no longer looking into his eyes so naively, nodding to everything he says. Traditionalism is in crisis. The elite is leaving him for Berg – this is fashionable; while people of sense are leaving him for Laitman – which is correct. Meanwhile, our poor Berl Lazar may remain with nothing but a long nose, poor indeed. Time is working against him! And that’s because the revelation of the Creator brings religion to an end.

Religion exists due to the Creator’s concealment, and as soon as He will be revealed to all – which will happen in our days – religion will end! See Baal HaSulam’s article “The Essence of Religion and Its Purpose.”

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