What Will It Now Take For A Business Venture To Be Successful?

ventureA question I received: Suppose you’re right about the financial crisis, but I still don’t understand what specific, practical measures you propose to take.

My Answer: I’ll give you a brief answer: I’m not an economist, but the only projects that will be successful are those that aim for a greater connection between people than before they were implemented! Therefore cost, money and human trust must be joined together into one whole and governed by one center. Ultimately, the banking system must become unified, global, international, and free of any national or governmental control.

The earth must belong to those who reside on it, rather than be a business venture.

The municipal authorities should make the decisions about the utilization of funds and resources.

The government should handle the social problems of the population.

The poor countries shouldn’t be given aid, but they must be commissioned to implement developmental programs and forced to lead profitable ventures.

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