Men’s and Women’s Hearts Are Different

menNews Report (from BBC News): “Sex-matched transplants ‘better.'” The chance of long-term survival after a heart transplant rises if the person getting the new heart is the same sex as the donor, researchers say. The precise reason is unclear – although the difference in size could be a factor.

Scientists at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA looked back at heart transplants which happened between 1998 and 2007, comparing survival rates in matched against non-matched transplants. The worst scenario appeared to be a woman receiving a “male” heart, while the most successful operations were those involving male recipients and male donors.

My Comment: According to the science of Kabbalah, the difference between the male and female bodies determines the difference between their particular components – including every organ and even every cell of their organisms. There is nothing similar in men and women, and that’s because they come from opposite spiritual roots. Doctors should take this into account when operating with the human body.

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