Kabbalah On Mental Disorders, Tattoos, And Prostitution

fear1Three questions I received on mental disorders, tattoos, and prostitution:

Question: You have said in a previous blog entry that “if a person is mentally sane, then Kabbalah will solve his psychological problems.” I suffer from conditions of ADD which moderately impair my abilities to retain much of what I read. Will reading and re-reading Kabbalistic materials help to alleviate this mental block? Also do you make appearances such as book signings, etc.? It would be an honor to meet you!

My Answer: The study of Kabbalah corrects a person, and therefore it definitely heals as well.

I sign books at every public lecture I give and at Congresses. That’s where you can meet me. I invite you to attend the congress that will take place in February 2009 in Israel.

Question: Is it wrong to want to display my respect and love of Kabbalah by tattooing scriptures on my body?

My Answer: Kabbalah says that we should only desire an inner change and inner observation, through which the Creator becomes revealed to a person. This leaves the externality, the bodily aspects, only their minimal (necessary) existence. The body is no object of concern, aside from the necessities.

Question: What is the spiritual root of prostitution? Why has it existed for millennia and continues to be so popular?

My Answer: Because it satisfies one of man’s primary desires, which are: food, sex, family (home), wealth, power, and knowledge.

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  1. Through the view of Kabbalah, is tattooing your body, a form of disrespect to who you are or does it matter how you treat your body?

  2. Hi, Sonia. I think that he’s saying that tatooing is something that doesn’t matter for spirituality, this is just a desire of the ego to show something, to fulfill a need of beauty, respect… but I don’t know if it’s a disrespect or not to write something spiritual in the body.

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