Kabbalah On Mental Disorders, Tattoos, And Prostitution

fear1Three questions I received on mental disorders, tattoos, and prostitution:

Question: You have said in a previous blog entry that “if a person is mentally sane, then Kabbalah will solve his psychological problems.” I suffer from conditions of ADD which moderately impair my abilities to retain much of what I read. Will reading and re-reading Kabbalistic materials help to alleviate this mental block? Also do you make appearances such as book signings, etc.? It would be an honor to meet you!

My Answer: The study of Kabbalah corrects a person, and therefore it definitely heals as well.

I sign books at every public lecture I give and at Congresses. That’s where you can meet me. I invite you to attend the congress that will take place in February 2009 in Israel.

Question: Is it wrong to want to display my respect and love of Kabbalah by tattooing scriptures on my body?

My Answer: Kabbalah says that we should only desire an inner change and inner observation, through which the Creator becomes revealed to a person. This leaves the externality, the bodily aspects, only their minimal (necessary) existence. The body is no object of concern, aside from the necessities.

Question: What is the spiritual root of prostitution? Why has it existed for millennia and continues to be so popular?

My Answer: Because it satisfies one of man’s primary desires, which are: food, sex, family (home), wealth, power, and knowledge.

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  1. Through the view of Kabbalah, is tattooing your body, a form of disrespect to who you are or does it matter how you treat your body?

  2. Hi, Sonia. I think that he’s saying that tatooing is something that doesn’t matter for spirituality, this is just a desire of the ego to show something, to fulfill a need of beauty, respect… but I don’t know if it’s a disrespect or not to write something spiritual in the body.

  3. I have a large tattoo of a toucan on my back…I did this because it came to me in a dream, and I could not figure out the meaning of the dream without actually going and having the tattoo done…I learned from it. My question is, will others seeing this tattoo disapprove of me and consider me to be disrespectful?

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