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stateTwo questions I received on the present state of the world:

Question: Shlama Ilelochum, Rabu Michael. Do you believe in the revival of the Assyrian State? Are you FOR or AGAINST?

My Answer: I am for only one state in the world – the State of Kabbalah, whose law will be “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Then all the nations will be as one family. This is what we are obligated to do by the Creator or Nature. We must live in accordance with the global connection in which we exist. The emergence of separate states contradicts world unity. See Baal HaSulam’s articles “The Peace” and “Peace in the World.”

Question: Many people who post comments seem to think that economic prosperity acquired via free markets is egoistic and evil. The only thing that can be evil is the intention. As humans we need access to resources to survive – i.e., food, shelter and education. Surely the problem isn’t in acquiring prosperity and knowledge via the economic market, but in the distribution among those who need it. This distribution is best done in one’s own community. The meek will inherit the world only when those who amassed resources will find a way to distribute it to those in need. Please comment.

My Answer: I would advise you to look at the materials on the crisis and its solution, as well as Baal HaSulam’s articles on it – “The Peace,” “Peace in the World,” and “The Freedom.”

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  1. Rav,

    I noticed that you seem to point people to Rav Ashlag articles in stead of answering questions yourself.  Just because Rav Ashlag wrote a commentary does not mean he is correct in all accounts.  So, it is important to use your own mind that God gave you to decipher what works and what does not.  Following anyone blindly is a grave mistake.  

    The question about capitalism that was raised has its validity.  Think about the benefits that were created because of capitalism.  There was even studies that showed the effectiveness of capitalism compared to any other system.  You should read about Michael Milken comparison to Mother Theresa on who did more for the world.  

    Please keep in mind that socialism is a child of capitalism and not the opposite way arround.  If the child comes into the world, it will cause great suffering.  You could see that for yourself if you pick up a history book and read it for yourself.

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