How Does a Kabbalist Organize His Day?

The Machsom Can Be Crossed Individually and as a GroupTwo questions I received on how to advance most effectively:

Question: Please tell us about your daily schedule and what kind of a daily schedule should a student of the Creator have in order to advance toward the goal most efficiently?

My Answer: Study in the morning before work for 1-3 hours. Devote all your free time to study, the group (physical or virtual), and dissemination of Kabbalah in the world (education). In general, you should learn and teach others about the world we live in, in order to accelerate the correction of our nature and to thereby become equivalent to the Creator.

Question: For now I don’t have a desire to fast. What is the purpose of fasting? Is it true that fasting is intended to keep me focused on the intention to bestow to the Creator?

My Answer: The restraint should happen in the area of expressing egoism toward others, and through the aspiration to devote all your free time to study and dissemination of the method of correcting man’s egoistic nature.

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  1. According to kabbalah, what happens at the moment of bodily death? Where is the soul? How is it possible for a soul to “see”, “think”, “perceive” without a functioning brain? Is it conceivable that a person with Alzheimer’s no longer has his memories and cognitive abilities intact, and then suddenly at the moment of death his sould regains them? I am struggling very much with this issue.


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