Falling In Order To Rise

riseA question I received: Can you explain the phrase “falling in order to rise” and how it is expressed in action? When a person who’s been studying Kabbalah for a year suddenly falls so deep into the animate level that he does things he never did before Kabbalah, is this falling in order to rise? Is this the correct process of revelation? How is this useful?

My Answer: This is explained by all the books on one’s inner work:

  • First, a person’s egoism increases,
  • Then he recognizes that the egoism is evil,
  • He then desires to break away from it,
  • But then he realizes that it is impossible,
  • He then recognizes that only the Creator can do this to him if he will ask,
  • Then he makes lengthy efforts to appeal to the Creator,
  • And finally, the Light corrects him, revealing the sensation of the spiritual world – the quality of bestowal and love.

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