Dr. Michael LaitmanHow can we be confident if we don’t determine anything in our lives, live in the moment, and have no idea of what is to come in the next? Only the revelation of the Creator and fulfillment by His light can give us the feeling of being one with the universe, and the understanding of the cause (the beginning), the process (our lives), and the goal (the end) of our personal lives and of everything that exists.

For this reason, only to the degree that we adhere to the Creator do we acquire the feeling of confidence, because we gain qualities and forces that are above nature and thereby connect to the Upper Governance.

Feelings of uncertainty, confusion and anxiety will continue to grow in order to force us to reach the goal and obtain true confidence!

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  1. I often feel as though I was doing better with confidence and connecting with the Creator BEFORE I studied Kabbalah — back then I relied on my instincts and followed my gut, and it worked. 

    When I look back I was doing the “right” things.  Now, I analyze things more and find myself more critical than in the past — please help.  Is this part of the process?  I feel I need to find more of a balance. 

    Thank you,

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