All the Pictures We See Are Formed Inside Our Brains

Our "I" Is Outside of Us!Two questions I received on perception and dreams:

Question: We don’t perceive actual sounds because actual sounds are filtered by our ears and the brain receives only a part of the information – the part that the brain can perceive. Does the Creator’s Light enter the soul in the same way? In other words, is it the portion of the Light that our soul can receive without being harmed?

My Answer: Baal HaSulam explains in the “Preface to the Book of Zohar” that nothing enters our brain; everything is formed within it. It only seems to us that the things we perceive are outside of us. In reality, the only thing outside of us is the simple Light. All that we perceive is a picture that our brain depicts on the background of the white Light.

The brain depicts pictures out of Reshimo (informational data) that constantly surface, one after another, from the archive of our memory and enter our consciousness. Thus, our consciousness plays pictures and we perceive them as if they are happening outside of us.

Why does this matter? Because you can decide which movie will be played inside you! The science of Kabbalah allows a person to change the movies and even to be the director, and then the whole world will be your actors. For more on this, see the article “Preface to the Book of Zohar.”

Question: Where do dreams come from? How are they made inside people’s heads?

My Answer: When we are freed from the daytime experiences and the rigid boundaries of reality, when our mind is cleansed and prepares for new work, then the brain’s wandering currents create all sorts of strange and random pictures. This happens during the process of sorting and reloading the data inside the brain. It’s pure physiology!

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