Why Does the Creator Give Us So Much Suffering In This World?

Why Does the Creator Give Us So Much Suffering In This World?Questions I received on faith above reason, belief in oneself, and the purpose of suffering:

Question: Sometimes this world looks so wonderful, but in spite of it I try to hold on to the point in the heart. Is this the meaning of advancing with “faith above reason?”

My Answer: “Faith above reason” means “bestowal above reception.” It’s when you prefer to be inside the quality of bestowal in spite of the egoism that weighs you down, regardless of all its pleasures. Your entire reward lies only in remaining in this state, because it pleases the Creator, even though no one knows anything about what you are doing, and no one will find out.

Question: Why don’t I believe in myself? I am stuck in this.

My Answer: That’s good – rely on us!

Question: I don’t understand why the Creator is giving me so much suffering in the corporeal world. How can I unite with Him in this state?

My Answer: He wants you to come close to Him precisely from this state, and hence He gives you an aspiration toward Him. See the article “There Is None Else Besides Him.”

Question: How do we overcome despair, blows of fate, and hopelessness that haunt us on the path to the spiritual world?

My Answer: By receiving support from the group in study, dissemination, and revelation of the fact that the Creator is one – that “There is none else besides Him,” that He is Good and does only good.

Question: Two months ago I studied Kabbalah a lot, but now I am in a descent. Over the last month I started feeling a need for respect and honor. Before I do anything, I prepare ahead of time to acquire respect and honor. What should I do?

My Answer: You are advancing wonderfully: it’s taken you just two months to start seeing your true nature! Be grateful for the realization of evil and start trying to correct it. You will soon learn that this is impossible to do, and then you will ask the Creator to help you do this!

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  1. Commander Laitman; if The Creator was a mainframe, Rabbi Laitman would be one of it’s servers. Some of us are terminals, others are disconnected, totally disconnected. When the Creator trys to commune with us, it is like having been “offline” for an x amount of time. What happens when you connect a computer to an internet connection, that may have been offline for somewhile. The same happens to us; some of us have been disconnected “to long” so to speak… We need to be upgraded, sometimes even change our “Operating System”. Some of us were operating on “xp” when we need to be on “vista” because the program that we’re “operating” on requires it. Kabbalah, is that program. We’re downloading “it” from, Rabbi Laitman the “server”, and in the time frame it has taken us to get upadated we realize then, Wow!, there were that many “uploads” that we needed to install.

    Our suffering is but the understanding of the catching up we have to do. It is realizing that you have looked yourself in the mirror and found that you were, not shaven, under dressed, and that your hair was messy. The “suffering” is the alarm clock that has gone off and you just noticed that last night you went to bed late, you overate, underslept, and you didn’t shave before bed.

    This is suffering; it is knowing that you could have done something to prevent “it” but you’d rather ask why the Creator let “it” happen, wake up folks!, and that goes in general terms from all angles of the suffering we percieve from all over the world. What are we doing? , that is the question. That’s why we are here, on Laitman’s website, to organize desseminate and provide for others what we’ve understood that we lacked in our time; a good working alarm clock that goes off sometime before we go to bed, so we can get those things done that we need to do before laying down to sleep, lest they sneak up on us in the morning. Mind you, i’m including myself.

    once we are updated and ready to be pugged into that mainframe, we become providers of service to all who look through us as portals of  The Creator.

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