Freedom Of Will Lies Only In The Environment

Freedom of Will Lies Only In the EnvironmentA question I received: Free will does not exist in this world, but only environmental pressures. The only free choice that exists is which group of people one wishes to associate with. One must recognize oneself as a wretched egoist – and not only as an egoist, but as the worst of the worst ilk that has ever walked this glorious planet. One cannot get to appreciate the extent of one’s abhorrent nature without the help of Ohr Makif (the Surrounding Light), which descends on us during the study of Kabbalah. When one perceives oneself as this grotesque creature, this results in prayer, and one is then granted by the mercy of the Creator freedom from one’s evil inclinations, and becomes one with the Creator.

Now for my question: Given the fact that free will does not exist, how can an individual rationally see oneself as the worst? Yes, one may come to recognize that one is at odds with the Creator, but how and why is it necessary to come to realize that one is the worst of the worst of the worst? Would it not suffice to just see oneself as an egoist, like the other egoists? Why the worst? And how can one believe that of oneself when one is aware that free will does not exist?

My Answer: Only a new, spiritual environment will give you the confidence and forces to demand the Light of Correction. Then, in this Light you will discover that you are the only evil egoist who is harming everyone. However, rather than making you depressed, this realization will give you a push to demand the Light of Correction from the Creator.

On the other hand, if the environment will not give you the force to do this and the importance of the goal, then upon discovering your egoistic qualities as evil, you will fall into depression and despair.

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  1. The problem of not underestanding ones condition is not “quid pro quo”, or “tit for tat”; that you’ll get overlooked by the Creator, that’s non-sense. The problem of not understanding ones condition is of discipline. Let’s, for example, give ourselves the benefit of the doubt that we are as we are, “evil” in that sense. Not grasping the notion of the enormousity of it would easily bring an opportunity for monstrosity, and I don’t mean it in the lighter sense. We cannot judge ourselves according to our “worst” of deeds as an individual. Justice requires that we judge ourselves as the worst of the worst according to humanity in whole; anyone of us is a “Jim Jones” a “Hitler” in potency. Any less of a belief that you or I would not be capable of commiting such monstrosity is ignorant and pressumes innocence of the dangerous sort; the type of innocence that later excuses their lack of knowldege, due to ignorance, “I didn’t know better”. We are not only egoist in wanting “all things”, but we are also glutton for justification and self piety.

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