What Will Happen to the World if I Die?

What Will Happen to the World If I Die?A question I received: I don’t know and don’t remember anything from my previous life or my future existence, and this world exists because I exist now. So what will happen if I die?

My Answer: If you attain the revelation of the soul – the smallest spiritual property, the smallest development of the soul from a point, its real existence – then when your body dies, you will continue perceiving your soul. This is because your soul will then have acquired volume and Light inside it. And then it will once again dress in another body, born by a woman, in order to attain all 125 steps of its development while existing in this body, since this can only be done while being physically present in our world.

However, if you don’t attain the revelation of the soul from the point, then you will once again appear in this world, just like you did this time, and you will have another opportunity (a point in the heart) to reveal and develop it.

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