Strive for the Goal, and Leave the Rest Up to the Creator

Strive for the Goal, and Leave the Rest Up to the Creator Two questions I received on combining spiritual development with one’s day to day desires and responsibilities

Question: I’m seventeen years old and I have been studying Kabbalah for about three to four months. Sometimes I get disturbed by other desires, and then I forget about Kabbalah and try to latch on to these desires. Sometimes it even seems that they’re more important to me than my correction. What should I do? Is this problem caused only by my age, or are these Reshimot that I have to correct?

My Answer: Don’t pay attention to the disturbances and continue studying, and then the Upper Light will correct you. As you advance along the spiritual path, you will realize just how much your desires control you and that the only thing that can save you from yourself is help from above. Only patience will make you a Kabbalist.

Question: Do you seriously believe that we can attain the highest level in this lifetime, even if we don’t fully devote ourselves to the studies? How can this be possible in this life, considering all the responsibilities we have toward the people around us and society?

My Answer: I have no doubt that everyone is capable of it, and even if a person won’t reach the Machsom in this life cycle, he will have very little left to do to reach it the next time around. And after that, your soul will lead you along the steps of ascension!

Only the efforts we make to reach the Creator remain forever. Everything else disappears because it comes from above and isn’t considered to be something we did. So in any case, the best thing to do is to strive toward the goal, and leave the result up to the Creator!

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