Don’t Mix the Two Worlds

Don\'t Mix the Two WorldsTwo questions I received on the connection between the corporeal and spiritual worlds:

Question: When a person starts developing spiritually, he loses interest in matters of this world, including university studies. I understand that it’s important to combine both worlds, but I don’t feel the connection between spiritual development and academic development. It’s written that the source of suffering is the lack of connection between the different parts of creation. How can I create this connection within myself, between the spiritual calling I am discovering and my responsibility as a student? How can I relate my academic studies to the goal of creation? Am I supposed to find the answer on my own, and see my confusion as just a part of my development?

My Answer: That’s right. Your confusion is part of your development. My practical advice for you is, in your thoughts, create an empty section in your mind that you will use to think about your academic studies, and with the rest of your mind, think about spirituality. Don’t mix one world with the other, and progress simultaneously in both. Good luck!

Question: How do I separate everyday life from the spiritual life?

My Answer: Other than studying Kabbalah in your free time, you shouldn’t change anything in your life. To avoid confusing Kabbalah, the study about “that” world, with life in “this” world, try thinking about Kabbalah with “one part of your mind,” and about our world with another part. Don’t appear different from other people in any way, or from the way you were in the past, and don’t talk about Kabbalah with anyone other than the people you study with. Study Rabash’s articles on the group (ed. see below) and bring them to realization. The most important thing is to be present (virtually) at least in a part of our daily lessons (see below).

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