Are Dreams the Life of the Soul?

Are Dreams the Life of the Soul?Two questions I received on dreams:

Question: Do our dreams have a spiritual root?

My Answer: Dreams are all of our daily impressions, which uncontrollably sweep through and fluctuate in our minds while we sleep. This is why they create different connections and scenes.

Question: What happens to a person’s soul in the following states: loss of consciousness, coma, being a “vegetable,” and hallucinations? Does one realize where one is? Is there another reality where a person perceives a reality just like ours while really being unconscious?

My Answer: These states are purely physical, and bear no relation to spiritual states, because one does not perceive them through the Masach (screen), through properties that are similar to the Creator.

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  1. I tend to think that dreams are significant…just from my own experience with Abbaji and the dream cave. In thinking about this and remembeed passages in scriptures….remember Joseph interpreting dreams for Pharoh? Also the Zohar talks about dreams.

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