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We Can Come Out Of The Crisis Without The Influence Of Suffering

influenceToday the whole world is unwillingly starting to become part of one integral system, and people see that they are increasingly being governed by some sort of forces, yet they aren’t able to resist them. People are experiencing a crisis in all areas and are discovering that there is something concealed from them, yet they are unable to do anything.

We, humans, cannot control anything; we are subjugated to blind fate and we are unable to handle it. All this is making us reveal that the system of connections between us is flawed, and at the same time, that the forces governing us are concealed. We are discovering this out of our own inability to do anything ourselves.

But there’s an even greater crisis of government institutions still awaiting us. That’s because these institutions feel obliged to prove to us that they are supposedly in control of things and have power over something. People are yet to reveal that “the hearts of the kings and ministers are in the hands of the Creator,” and that none of the governments are actually able to do anything. This fact will become revealed to everyone.

If that weren’t enough, we are yet to face another powerful blow from nature, which will come in order to make us see that we are small and insignificant compared to its phenomena.

All of this will bring us to the realization that we really are part of one integral system and are unable to do anything. And then, out of this realization, we will reveal that even our thoughts and desires are not our own, but come to us from nature. Nature controls us from within and from without in every regard. We will then feel that we are bound in chains, and will start looking for a salvation.

This may happen under the influence of suffering, or through the wisdom of Kabbalah, which enables us to forestall the suffering. Either way, we will have to reveal the system of forces in which we exist, as well as what it is doing to us and what its purpose is.

So let’s already start by imagining that we are the experiment of the Upper Force, which is now revealing Its plan to us. Humanity will have to reveal this fact, either out of despair, because it is influenced by painful blows, or as a result of disseminating the wisdom of Kabbalah. Clearly, the latter is a much better path.

The revelation of the entire system of relationships, the entire matrix of connections between us and the Upper, Governing Force of Nature – the Creator, is what constitutes the wisdom of Kabbalah. The entire wisdom of Kabbalah talks only about this.

10 Big Recession Surprises (Clue: One Involves Sex)

worldIn the News (from Time): Surging unemployment, tight credit and depressed housing prices are common components of a recession. But rarely do they occur at once, like now, and endure for so long. But it is hardly the only oddity. The rules for tough times are being rewritten almost daily. Here are some other ways this recession is rewriting the rules:

1. Soup: A Recession Staple No More
2. Organic Food Sales Remain Strong
3. Loan Rates Remain Stubbornly High
4. Movie Ticket Sales Are Booming
5. Intimacy Takes a Hit
6. Sin Industry Goes to Hell
7. There Are No Safe Havens
8. Trade is Getting Clobbered
9. Nail Salons Are Getting Nailed
10. The Rich Feel it Too

My Comment: Apparently people still haven’t figured out the fundamental difference of this crisis: that it comes from the lack of a benevolent connection between people, and not from the lack of any other connections, whether political, economic, or anything else. Meanwhile, people are still trying to pinpoint the external consequences…

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Harassed Husbands: Another Symptom Of The Crisis

billionIn the News (from India Today):Unhappily harried” The Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF) comprises young, angry, “harassed” husbands… Their grouse: they were being “betrayed” by those who framed laws and enforced them; that the law erroneously assumed all wives were “innocent angels” who could only be sinned against, and are not sinners.

My Comment: So now the crisis has hit Indian families too! Apparently we will see the crisis being expressed differently in different countries and civilizations, but it will all lead to the same result – the necessity to rise above our world.

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Those “Fixing” The Crisis Are Like Poker Players Who Just Can’t Stop

comfortPeople are currently trying to fix the economic crisis, and they’ll continue to play this game until everything tumbles down completely. They are like poker players who have lost everything, but can’t tear themselves away from the table. It is all a complete lie and a bluff, but people cannot tear away from it because they don’t know where to run or what to do.

Kabbalah is being revealed to humanity particularly in this state, because it is the only means to reveal the cause of the crisis. Suffering will not enable us to see the cause because suffering is perceived on the still, vegetative, and animate levels. Meanwhile, the crisis is taking place on the human level: it is the revelation of the breaking of the common soul. The suffering will bring people to the science of Kabbalah, which will reveal the cause of the breaking, and people will then realize that they have to correct their attitude to others. There is nothing else to correct but this.

All the causes are in the spiritual world, and our world is merely a consequence. Because we want to correct the consequences, the Creator sends us more and more disappointment. Everyone knows that all our attempts to unite and to achieve peace are always followed by an outburst of terrible hatred.

Even if the G20 gets together now and signs an agreement to create a single world government, a common bank, a pension for everyone, equal and fair distribution, then an epidemic or some other calamity will still hit us because we do not wish to correct the point in the system that was damaged: the connection between us.

The simple solution is to reach the state of “love your neighbor as yourself,” and Kabbalah gives us a piece of advice on how to achieve this: “I created egoism and I created the Torah (the Light) that corrects it.”

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The Spiritual Revolution Is Unlike Any Other

the2520creator2520will2520become2520revealed2520insideA question I received: No new system is established in its pure form. In one way or another, it always makes a compromise with the former system, from which it develops. There is simply no other way. Do you agree?

My Answer: Yes and no. We are talking about a completely new level, qualitatively speaking, and therefore it will not develop in the traditional way – egoistically, from smaller to greater. We are talking about a qualitative revolution, which is changing from an attitude of consumption to an attitude of bestowal. People will begin to feel the world by coming out of themselves. They will feel the world beyond themselves. This model is inverse to anything that came before, because it is not built by development on the past.

People will continue to live in the world, along with all of their experiences and culture. However, when people begin to perceive and feel the inner, hidden connections in the world and the inner forms – the forces and souls, then the world will become transparent. The objects and actions of this world will then be seen as inanimate consequences of the Upper Forces, and the Upper Forces, a deeper layer of the world, will be clearly revealed to everyone.

Our current state of crisis is pushing us towards the need to attain this hidden reality, which contains the forces and actions controlling our world. Essentially, the present crisis is but a preparation, making us more able and willing to perceive something cardinally new, due to there not being any other choice.

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Diamonds Are Becoming Outdated

profitA question I received: What does it mean that everything a person does should be done for the sake of others? Say, for instance, I have a business. In this context, what does it mean to “align my actions with others”?

My Answer: Any person, including a businessman, must first reveal the evil in the world. One must become certain of the fact that the only evil in the world is the faulty relationships between people. Then, all we have to do is simply change our relationships from hate to love.

The crisis is not happening because of some financial or economic program that failed. Rather, the most fundamental cause of the crisis is the relationships between people, which, as we are now starting to see, are destroying the world. This is why people have to sit down and study. There is no other way to change anything. And the current crisis is leading us to realize this.

In addition, we must understand that a business such as DeBeers, for instance, which is the global leader in diamond production, will not be rescued from collapse if it decides to offer us 10% of their profits as Maaser and to implement some private corporate changes. There are many businesses in the world which are completely superfluous, and they will stop functioning altogether because humanity will only need the things necessary for existence. People will need only quality products that are healthy and will satisfy their essential needs.

This new program which is being revealed more and more with each passing day is what controls humanity, and it will not allow anyone to accumulate capital above and beyond what is necessary for a person to lead a decent, correct, healthy and safe life.

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The Real Crisis Is Not In Finance, But In Our Attitudes

a-new-years-wish-to-the-worldAn editorial in the news (translated from blog.liga.net): Even supposing that the crisis will soon be over, there still won’t be enough work for everyone. People are buying fewer products because they have less money, and in addition, a person without work is a dangerous thing. The only solution is for people all over the world to change their value system and their notions of what they are willing to pay money for.

The crisis is making us realize what is of true value in the 21st century. It is preparing us to change our life values, and to understand the new values for which we are willing to pay money.

If the world’s richest people were to gather and form a world government based on these new values, then the world structure could change. But apparently, such an intent cannot appear without a crisis.

People’s consciousness doesn’t change in conditions of comfort. Stress, or a crisis, is necessary. Everyone needs it – whether they are workers, the middle class, retirees, or homeless – in order to ask themselves the main question: What are the new values that are important to me today?

I have yet to find one person who could give me a straight answer of what to do. Managing the crisis lies not in changing the situation in the external world – since all of this is just vanity of vanities, but the change needs to occur in the human consciousness. That is where all the roots and causes are found.

My Comment: People are already guessing that the crisis is not in finance, but in the need to change our general attitude toward life, ourselves, the world, and Nature. The problem is that we understand that we need to change, but we don’t know how and what to change, and we won’t find these things out by ourselves. We will keep receiving blows, but we won’t know how to evade them correctly.

Nature demands that we rise to the “human” level, which is a level we know nothing about because its qualities are opposite to our current level.

We will develop and eventually recognize the evil of our level, but on our own we will never be able to understand how to shift from evil to good, because this transition involves a new consciousness and new qualities on our part. That is why Kabbalah is being revealed today, as it is the science about revealing our next level.

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The Financial Crisis Is Not “The Finger Of God” That’s Still To Come

charityA question I received: You have said that the crisis can cause people to ask questions about the meaning of life. But can’t a regular person, who has absolutely everything but still feels restless, ask the same questions?

My Answer: “The Creator’s ways” are unknown to us. Today’s crisis is only a minor scare. The real crisis is still ahead. It is yet to manifest in all sorts of ways that have no connection to money. The problem with money is no more than a minor inconvenience. After all, it doesn’t pose an actual, deadly threat, but merely an absence of security and food, which may possibly be overcome. This is not the kind of thing that looms over you like a terrible monster, ready to devour you whole.

So far, the state that is being revealed to us is not apparently the Upper Force, against which we cannot do anything. We still think that we can rectify our life. After all, the financial system is artificial, and so we think that we are capable of handling its collapse. So, you can’t really call this a blow.

The blow that will come will be “the finger of God,” as the Pharaoh’s sages once said. That is when people will feel that what’s happening is not accidental, that all the blows are purposeful. And this will be the beginning of the Creator’s revelation to the people of all the nations. People will then begin to perceive everything as part of the natural process, which cannot be solved through artificial means.

Therefore, today’s crisis isn’t real. However, we at Bnei Baruch still try to use it as an example to help explain that humanity has entered a new period of evolution.

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New Research Says Climate Change Is Not Caused By Human Activity

activityIn the News (translated from RSCI): New research conducted at the Institute of Geography at the Russian Academy of Sciences shows that changes in the global climate that took place during the 20th century were due to natural causes. The Earth’s system continues to operate according to its natural laws and human society should consider the current global warming as a natural occurrence and not one caused by human activity.

My Comment: Everything comes from Above. The world is managed from Above and does not at all depend on what we do here on Earth. Everything depends on the goal that we have to reach – complete harmony between ourselves and the Creator, and how far we are relative to this goal.

We can influence the higher Management of this world only through the intention to become like It. In fact, everything that we perceive as negative events, forces or situations is part of the essence that motivates us internally and externally toward the attainment of the integral force of Nature.

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The Pope Knows The Reason For The Financial Crisis, But Only Kabbalah Has The Solution

freeIn the News (from The Wall Street Journal): Pope Weighs In on Financial Crisis” You know the international financial crisis has implications in every aspect of global life when the Pope decides to weigh in. Today Benedict XVI issued his third encyclical focusing on the economy. It is widely seen as directed at G-8 leaders gathering in Italy this week. Here are some excerpts:

Economy and finance … can be used badly when those at the helm are motivated by purely selfish ends. …we must adopt a realistic attitude as we take up … new responsibilities to which we are called by the prospect of a world in need of profound cultural renewal, a world that needs to rediscover fundamental values … it is not the instrument [the economy] that must be called to account, but individuals, their moral conscience and their personal and social responsibility.

My Comment: All of the above is correct, but how can we possibly make people’s all-enveloping egoism budge? Only through Kabbalah! Maybe someone could tell the Pope about it…

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