Kindergarten of a Kabbalist

938.05Question: Your students are adult men, but do you still treat them like children?

Answer: Of course! How else?! Regarding me, they are students. In their spiritual development, they are children. It is natural that I feel that way about them. This one is pompous, this one is sullen, this one bullies, and this one is too diligent. This one has dull feelings, this one has a sharp mind, and so on. Everyone has different combinations with internal properties and qualities, but all of them are children.

Question: Regarding your teacher, were you also a child for him?

Answer: Of course! Naturally.

He is above me. He is ahead of me. It all descends down the stream from above from the world of infinity through all Kabbalists to us. Therefore, the world has no choice; today it receives through me. But I, in turn, am a baby in the arms of my teacher.

Comment: All the same, in our world, a small child at some point surpasses his parents and becomes higher in understanding.

My Response: That is right. There is an inverse relationship between light and desire, and therefore we achieve more than they do. But it is because of what we have received from them that we are moving on.

Just like in our world, our children achieve more because we have prepared and given them everything that came before them, and therefore they can take another step.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Laitman’s Kindergarten” 4/24/11

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