The Root of Success

945Question: Why do a lot of people gather when you give lectures?

Answer: We have reached a state in our corporeal development when people are interested in learning about their future and also their present because they are not satisfied with it.

This is not about me. What am I really saying? I am only saying what Kabbalah says, what is written in my books and on the website.

Comment: But people are not captured by your words, but with an internal contact, as if some kind of energy emanates from you that clings to them.

My Response: This is actually true because along with this, they involuntarily receive a certain inner force that is the light that exists in the words and images I live by. They are subconsciously drawn to them despite the fact that they do not have so-called tools of reception. But on the outside, they are still affected by the surrounding light that attracts them.

Question: Can a person change at all due to the light you give?

Answer: No. He has to work on himself. He must gather a certain range of feelings and perceptions within himself that will eventually create a prerequisite for spiritual sensations. Without this, nothing will work.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The Root of Success” 3/6/11

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