Inside the World Building

568.01Question: Can you give an example of the implementation of one of the universe’s principles, for example, revealing the point of freewill?

Answer: No, the principles themselves do not give us a clear plan for their implementation. Implementation occurs by applying the methodology itself, which gradually explains how to act using these principles in various conditions. There is no such thing as applying one principle without using the others.

It is not that you do not use them, you cannot launch them according to your desire. After all, you are inside nature, and these principles are your shell. You exist within them, and they all affect you.

Just to understand where you are, we are talking about the universe, what this building in which I exist consists of. But I exist inside all of it; there are walls, a ceiling, and a floor, some furnishings, some conditions, and air, absolutely everything. However, I am told bit by bit about where I am because I cannot grasp everything at once. Then, gradually, when I work with these principles, everything will come together in one picture.

When I live just in this world, I generally perceive it with all my senses: smells, sounds, visual images, tactile and taste sensations. All together I perceive it as an image of the present moment. But I can deconstruct it and say: “This device perceives sight, this one hearing, and this one something else.”

Then all this is collected inside me and compared with the pictures that are in my memory archive. And what happens next? How do I understand these images that I perceive now; how do I adapt to and work with them? This is what needs to be explained to the person.

The correct picture of the universe practically leads him to the need to change and become similar to it.

If I am in some kind of environment that is higher than me, this is world structure for me. If I am like it, I will know where I am and how I can interact with this building of the world, and then I will bring myself to a comfortable state.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Implementation of Principles” 3/27/11

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